As expected, the two Argentinian teams will define the Fabrice Pastor Cup – Uruguay 2018 title. Maxi Cejas and Facundo Domínguez versus Federico Chiostri and Gonzalo Salías will be determined starting at 5pm, with a live broadcast on

Exciting double feature this Saturday on the slopes of the La Rinconada club. In the morning, the quarter-finals were played with predictable results and even more so in the semi-finals, where the Argentinians demonstrated their superiority against the young Uruguayans.

Both teams arrived at the decisive match without having lost a single set, both with vast superiority in the game and both with the desire to carry the first-place trophy on Charrúa soil.

As there are four Argentinian national players, it remains to be determined which Uruguayan team will receive the prize of traveling to participate in an international circuit trial.

This Sunday, after the final, the exhibition match will be held between Gabriel Reca-Fernando Poggi and Federico Chingotto-Juan Tello.