Monte Carlo International Sports, the organizing company of the Fabrice Pastor Cup circuit, has decided to disqualify the players, Juan Manuel Borges and Matías Silvera, who had obtained the award to travel to Europe as representatives of Uruguay and participate in a professional circuit trial.

Before the award ceremony was held, the aforementioned players, along with Agustín Borges, had broadcast a video in different media outlets with statements that questioned the honor of the local organizer, Enrique Tracchia, and, therefore, the transparency of the tournament.

Monte Carlo International Sports considers these actions, through which they attempted to tarnish the image of the circuit, to be extremely serious, which is why they have made the decision to disqualify the three players.

In addition, we want to congratulate and thank Enrique Tracchia, the director of the La Rinconada club, for the excellent work he did to organize the Fabrice Pastor Cup for the first time in Uruguay.

In the coming days, Monte Carlo International Sports will evaluate whether the aforementioned award will be granted to another one of the participating Uruguayan teams or if it will be declared void.

We regret these events, which go diametrically against the spirit of competition, the objectives of the Fabrice Pastor Cup, and the values ​​that Monte Carlo International Sports tries to transmit–respect and sportsmanship.

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