The Circuit

Fabrice Pastor Cup

The Fabrice Pastor Cup is an initiative of the CEO of Monte Carlo International Sports, Fabrice Pastor, with the aim of collaborating in the development of professional Padel in all countries with many players, or where it is developing.

Each tournament will be part of the host countries’ Federations’ calendars.

The difference that will undoubtedly motivate the players is that, in addition to the tournament prizes, the winning team will have the benefit of traveling to participate in a stage of the professional circuit that is held in Spain with all expenses paid, including plane tickets, a hotel, and daily expenses.

The Fabrice Pastor Cup can have representatives from any country, but the prize will only go to a team that has obtained the best classification in the tournament and is of the same nationality as the organizing country. In the event that there are 2 teams that lose in the same instance, the prize will be awarded to the team with the best national ranking as of the tournament date.

The only exception will be for those players who are of different nationalities but who regularly compete on the local circuit of the country in question.

It should be noted that teams who are already residing in Spain do not qualify for this benefit. The objective of this test is to give those players competing in their own country the opportunity to participate on a professional circuit scale.

The first edition of the Fabrice Pastor Cup was held in 2015 only in Buenos Aires (Argentina). In 2016 and 2017, the competition spread to two other South American countries, Chile and Brazil.

In 2018, the circuit took a leap in quality. For the first time, tournaments are held in Paraguay and Uruguay, in addition to the already traditional venues of Argentina and Brazil.

However, the organizing company, Monte Carlo International Sports, has decided to go one step further and transfer the experience to the European continent, creating the first editions in France and Portugal.

At the request of organizers in different countries, for 2019, the circuit will undergo changes in terms of its structure: the calendar will increase its number of trials and it will reach new venues.

Fabrice Pastor Cup… fulfill your dreams!