The final was in tune with the atmosphere of Padel Pro. The “locals,” Lucas Bergamini and Lucas Campagnolo, won the Fabrice Pastor Cup – Brazil 2018 title, defeating the number 1 team in the Brazilian ranking, Julio Julianoti and Stefano Flores, by a tight 7/6 and 6/4.

There was an impressive outcome to the Brazilian tournament, with more than 500 people in the stands and an exciting game, which was determined by small moves, in favor of Bergamini and Campagnolo, with the euphoria of the fans who did not stop encouraging their “little” great idol, Bergamini.


Bento Gonçalves can boast having one of the greatest players in the world. This year, he faces a new challenge with Campagnolo and the machinery works perfectly. It was a perfect tournament for these two young Brazilians, who won without losing a single set.

In the final, they had two tough opponents who brought the first set to a tie breaker and then lost just one match in the second set.


The final grand prize, the trip granted by Monte Carlo International Sports, was awarded to Stefano Flores and will have Matheus Simonato, a young man who fell in the semifinals against the champions, as a partner on the adventure.

It is the end to a great tournament, the first stage of the Brazilian one, successfully organized by the Brazilian Padel Confederation, which, this time, has brought together a record number of 219 teams, demonstrating the growth of this sport in the Rio de Janeiro region.